Live Steam Engine workshop - fully working with Wilesco D20 model diorama

This auction is for fully working handmade steam engine workshop powered by Wilesco D20 Steam Engine. The diorama is about 80x40x30cm, 10kg.
This was my project but sadly I need to sell it so hopefully it will find a good home. 

The steam engine itself in very good condition, run several times only. It slides out from the diorama. There are some small modifications e.g. I replaced two plastic valve wheels with red metal ones. Overall expect only minor cosmetic modifications. All original parts included.
You can use several types of fuel to run the engine - solid fuel tablets, gel fuel or gas burner (no gas) which is also included. Gel fuel is great but has low burning temperature, gas is the best in my opinion, the original tablets will quickly stain the boiler so I recommend not to use them.
All you need to run it is distillated water (don't use any other like De-Ionised or tap water) and ideally gas cartridge (I used 2277 GoSystem Butane/Propane mix gas) but you can use the tablets that are included. 

Several workshop tools powered by three shafts (each can be isolated by pulling and securing the shaft on the left side of the building). Working LED lights (battery operated, switch under the roof on the left). Removable chimney. Side door on the left so you can remove a little tank used for waste water/oil. There is dynamo which supposed to lit 1x LED but it's not working well - the dynamo itself is fine but I think there is just not enough speed to power the LED. There is a switch for that LED on the right on the top floor.

All the furniture and scenic are doll house items. Floors are wooden, walls with printed paper brick effect. The building made from MDF if memory serves. The section of the roof on the left has hinges so you can open it. Interiors and sides nicely finished, the back painted brown but I didn't pay too much attention to it. 

I include all the parts and spares - please check the pictures:
pulleys, shafts, gears, collars, solid fuel tablets, oil, funnels, tubes, fittings,bearings, heat resistant gloves (new), large syringes, 2x slide burners (one is new), 2 extra Whistles, plenty assorted washers, many bearing supports, shafts, instructions, tools, extra screws
The total value of this lot is approx. £1000 (engine, extra parts, materials) - I'm obviously excluding here labour 🙂 
 Pick up only 

Live steam engine work shop



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